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Top selling cars of 2012 recently listed the top ten best selling cars of 2012.  The Ford F-series is a whopping winner with almost 55 thousand sold in the month of May.  That’s a 29.3% increase over May 2011 and a 14.8% year to date increase.  This full size pickup truck has been selling for seemingly forever, yet still seems to lure drivers.  The biggest percentage increase in sales has been the Toyota Camry, with an increase of over 100% from last year.  See the other 8 below.



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Wedding decor for your car!

Getting hitched? We thought we would post some cool tips for those of you concerned and interested in your wedding day automobile.  Party City has some cool offerings including the magnet letters seen above. also has a great selection that will impress your friends and family during your big event!

Not impressed with your own car? Use Zip Car or Get Around to find a luxury vehicle to use for your big day.  You can also of course look into local luxury car rentals in your city.

Another nice touch is to rent a limo for the day.  This can be used to drive the bride and groom around to photo shoots, receptions, etc.  There are a lot of options out there – take advantage of them on your big day!

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Cheaper Car Insurance For Teens

Help! I need cheap car insurance for my teens!

It’s something many of us have said to ourselves at some point in our lives. The moment we place one of our teens onto our car insurance plan, we discover just how much our rates truly go up: sometimes more than we ever thought possible! However, just because you are paying what seems to be an arm and a leg does not mean it is impossible to obtain cheap car insurance for teens, especially if you do a little bit of homework.

Researching cheap car insurance for teens

When you are trying to obtain cheap car insurance for teens, it helps if your teen has any of the following:

  1. Good grades: Many auto insurance companies will provide you with cheap car insurance for teens based on their grades. If your teen meets a certain grade point average (GPA) or higher, than they may qualify for an automatic discount once they are placed onto your plan.
  2. Safe vehicle: If your teen drives a vehicle that is deemed “safe”, (i.e. it has modern safety features such as antilock brakes, front and side airbags, etc.) then their rates may be lower due to the auto insurance company viewing it as a safe vehicle. If you are in the market for purchasing a vehicle for your teen before you purchase vehicle insurance, ensure your provider views the vehicle as safe.
  3. Driver’s Education: Many auto insurance companies offer discounts for teen’s that pass certain driver’s education courses.

If your auto insurance provider will not provide you with cheap car insurance for teens, then you need to search for a different auto insurance provider strictly for your teen. Our website will compare quotes from different auto insurance providers based on various qualities of your teen (i.e. gender, age, location, vehicle driven, etc.). Based on these characteristics, the quotes we provide to you will tell you what your quote may be, and chances are high that a follow-up telephone call will warrant you even cheaper car insurance for teens! If you seem serious about choosing the insurance provider, chances are that the representative on the telephone will easily provide you with an extra discount.

Cheap car insurance for teens doesn’t have to be hard

Seriously, it doesn’t. By doing initial research (start with our tool above on this page) and sounding confident when speaking with a representative (and always, always sound serious: if a representative doesn’t think you are 100% serious, they will not work with you), you will be able to obtain cheap car insurance for teens in no time at all. Saving can actually be somewhat easy: who would have thought?

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